About Us

Quanzhou Garments Limited is a completely vertical operation from cut to pack, located in Quanzhou, China.    Our vertical integration allows us to produce all kinds of woven garments in denim and twill according to the needs of our global customers.

Operationally we are capable of bulk production of complex garments, remaining committed to meeting deadlines, international quality standards and any special specifications defined by our customers.

The key to our success is the strong work ethic of our highly experienced team.

Our vision

We aspire to become a globally renowned name in the industry and be rated amongst the top global quality garment manufacturers in terms of service standards and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

core values

Our commitment to quality reflects in all aspects of our work with the goal to achieve excellence for our clients. We treasure our clients’ hard-earned trust and strive to safeguard the belief they place in us.

Quanzhou Garments Limited believes in providing our staff with a safe, healthy, congenial and inspirational work environment. We maintain an open atmosphere, ensuring that free exchange of ideas keeps the spirit of teamwork flourishing.

Our commitment to establishing long-term relationships extends to our suppliers. We believe in achieving joint objectives by maintaining transparent and timely communication in our dealings with suppliers.

Quanzhou Garments Limited firmly believes in fair and ethical treatment of all stakeholders.